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The “Lustrous Insight” towards Kanchipuram Silk Saree!

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The chromatic diversity of India is legitimately huge and with regard to the women’s fashion portrayal in the history was always sovereign and identifies the true beauty proportion of a refined Indian Woman. The time-honored drapery of saree was never apart from the wardrobe and completed the women’s fashion archive. The Indian horizon walks with pride taking along the legacy of pure silk and gold in its part and that’s how India was once represented as the “Golden Bird”.

The golden reel of pure silk weaving was once related to the clothing essentials of heavenly gods and thus silk sarees are considered to be the most precious draperies in the Indian custom. Among the numerous varieties of silk sarees fabricated with unique specialties across the diverse regions of India, one of them is the exquisite piece of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. This purest form of the yard gets its recognition from a small town called Kanchipuram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu which is popularly identified as the “Silk City” because the town’s economy is mainly based on weaving silk. The weavers here are believed to be the decedents of “Sage Markanda” who used to weave fabrics of cotton and silk for the gods thus the weavers are recognized as the “Kanchi Silk Weavers” and were settled at this place around 400 years back. These handloom silk sarees are not just a usual yard but it’s the mirror showing the Indian royalty and prestige of the women in the land.

The Kanchipuram Silk saree is known for their unique specialties that makes one get completely engrossed and captivated into its beauty. It reflects the kind of magnetism through which you can’t get over. The saree is weaved from the pure mulberry silk yarn and thus it is considered to be the excellent variety of the silk sarees. It is popularly depicted as the “queen” of all silk sarees. One of the unique features of this saree is that the design weaving on the border and body are generally different and the contrast designs look absolutely stunning. In case the pallu shade becomes different from body and border; it is weaved separately and then carefully attached to the saree. The silk drapery is adored by women for its purity, creative designs, and gorgeous color combinations. The commonly used motifs in the saree are peacocks, parrots, mangoes, chariots, lions, coins, leaves, the sun, the moon, jasmine buds and temple structures. When this saree is flaunted for the particular occasion it not only gives a charming outlook to the wearer but also instantly brightens up the ambiance. The weaving process where the border is attached to the body is called Korvai and the process where the pallu is attached to the body of the saree is called “Pitni”. The duration to weave a single saree takes about 10-15 days which also depends upon the intricacy and uniqueness of the design pattern.

The Kanchipuram silk saree is not only limited to the Indian borders but also in high demand in the western parts of the globe too. People come from far distances of the country to purchase this pure beauty for various functions. The authentication of the silk saree is identified by a symbol attested by “The Silk Mark Organization”. The hologram indicates that it is a pure silk saree.

The Kanchipuram Silk saree is a complete investment and stands totally worth for its cost. It is a must have drape of luxury, which should be owned by every woman in her wardrobe.

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