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The chromatic diversity of India is legitimately huge and with regard to the women’s fashion portrayal in the history was always sovereign and identifies the true beauty proportion of a refined Indian Woman. The time-honored drapery of saree was never apart from the wardrobe and completed the women’s fashion archive. The Indian horizon walks with pride taking along the legacy of pure silk and gold in its part and that’s how India was once represented as the “Golden Bird”. The golden reel of pure silk weaving was once related to the clothing essentials of heavenly gods and thus silk sarees are considered to be the most precious draperies in the Indian custom. Among the numerous varieties of silk sarees fabricated with unique specialties across the diverse regions of India, one of them is the exquisite piece of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. This purest form of the yard gets its recognition from a small town called Kanchipuram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu which is popularly identified as the “Silk City” because the town’s economy is mainly based on weaving silk. The weavers here are believed to be the decedents of “Sage Markanda” who used to weave fabrics of cotton and silk for the gods thus the weavers are recognized as the “Kanchi Silk Weavers” and were settled at this place around 400 years back. These handloom silk sarees are not just a usual yard but it’s the mirror showing the Indian royalty and prestige of the women in the land. The Kanchipuram Silk saree is known for their unique specialties that makes one get completely engrossed and captivated into its beauty. It reflects the kind of magnetism through which you can’t get over. The saree is weaved from the pure mulberry silk yarn and thus it is considered to be the excellent variety of the silk sarees. It is popularly depicted as the “queen” of all silk sarees. One of the unique features of this saree is that the design weaving on the border and body are generally different and the contrast designs look absolutely stunning. In case the pallu shade becomes different from body and border; it is weaved separately and then carefully attached to the saree. The silk drapery is adored by women for its purity, creative designs, and gorgeous color combinations. The commonly used motifs in the saree are peacocks, parrots, mangoes, chariots, lions, coins, leaves, the sun, the moon, jasmine buds and temple structures. When this saree is flaunted for the particular occasion it not only gives a charming outlook to the wearer but also instantly brightens up the ambiance. The weaving process where the border is attached to the body is called Korvai and the process where the pallu is attached to the body of the saree is called “Pitni”. The duration to weave a single saree takes about 10-15 days which also depends upon the intricacy and uniqueness of the design pattern. The Kanchipuram silk saree is not only limited to the Indian borders but also in high demand in the western parts of the globe too. People come from far distances of the country to purchase this pure beauty for various functions. The authentication of the silk saree is identified by a symbol attested by “The Silk Mark Organization”. The hologram indicates that it is a pure silk saree. The Kanchipuram Silk saree is a complete investment and stands totally worth for its cost. It is a must have drape of luxury, which should be owned by every woman in her wardrobe.

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One of the perils associated with owing a website is the risk of it being hacked and open to manipulation by a cybercriminal. With the increase in cybercrime these days, it has become hard to completely secure your company site or blog. WordPress, the number one content management system might also fall prey to such unauthorized access by an online hacker. A single infiltration inside your WordPress site means not only loss of data but also loss of business as well. The first thing to understand is that whether it is WordPress or any other content management system, every website can be hacked and exposed to virus or other online attacks. In case your WordPress site security is compromised then you might lose your search engine ranking, expose reader computers to virus and have your online reputation destroyed. In case your website promotes business then its online protection should be your foremost priority. However, there are technical experts available to help you out from this issue. We recommend asking for the guidance of the highly efficient WordPress Support Service. The experienced and knowledgeable staff works day and night to provide the best technical support for all WordPress issues. But, first let’s understand a few basics about hacking.   My WordPress Site Has Been Hacked. How Can WordPress Support Help Me In Resolving This Issue? In case your WordPress site has been hacked, the WordPress Tech Support experts recommend taking the steps mentioned below.   Ask For Technical Assistance Your WordPress site security is a crucial step to not only protect your data but also safeguard your online image. In case you are not that tech-savvy then it is better to have a technical expert take a look at it and provide you with the best available solutions. You can contact the highly efficient WordPress Support experts to make sure that your WordPress site not only stays secure but also works smoothly.   Identify The Hack When you come across a website hack, you will be under a lot of stress. The WordPress Customer Support recommends going through the checklist mentioned below:   Are you able to login to your WordPress admin panel? Is your WordPress site being redirected to another website? Does your WordPress site have illegitimate links? Has Google made your website more insecure?   Check With The Hosting Company A number of WordPress hosting providers are also helpful in restoring a hacked WordPress site. They know the hosting environment and can guide you with recovering your hacked WordPress website. However, if this does not works out then always remember to contact the WordPress Tech Support experts to take charge of the situation.   Restore Using Backup Make sure that you take regular backup of your WordPress site to tackle such issues. A backup will help you store all the data at one place making it easier to recreate your WordPress site. In case you are still facing an issue, contact the WordPress Support for completely restoring your WordPress site.   Change The Passwords The next time when you have completely restored your hacked WordPress site, make sure that you change the passwords. Do not use your birthday date, friends or family members to create a password. The WordPress Technical Support experts recommend using a combination of letters, symbols and alphabets to create a strong password.   WordPress Support USA Want to know more on how to fix your hacked WordPress site? Contact the highly efficient WordPress Customer Support Service via toll-free number 1 877 863 5655. We will help you for your problems regarding WordPress. Contact us on our WordPress Tech Support Number 1 877 863 5655 which is available 24*7 for you. We are WordPress Support 24*7 and no matter what kind of assistance you need and no matter when you need it, we will be here for you. Visit for more information.

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The utility of custom applications and the use of outsourcing application development are important. Unlike the packaged software, the cloud-based Software has service solutions. Few things can be finely tuned and integrated with other software in the work environment. By outsourcing the software development, one can remove the headaches associated with hiring, retaining and managing technical talent. One can help a team of experts and a well-defined project plan and budget. With the decision of a custom application made by an outside firm, one is faced with choosing the right company for the job. Few things to take into account when interviewing and making potential software development partners: Good Quality Management Services: The software developers need to know the business processes and requirements. Made assignments in India: A firm that has experience in this industry or with organizations similar to yours will have a great advantage. In understanding the and needs and workflows. A firm that has completed diverse projects can be more dynamic, adaptable and innovative and the one specializing in very specific technologies. Location of Software Company? Different software development company are offshore or outsource to an offshore partner. A local firm will be available to meet with you and your end-users without language barriers or time zone issues. Fine software professional? Large development firms may advertise the team of developers but the customers may not necessarily get the most experienced personnel for your project. What is their development strategy? Experienced firms invariably have well-defined software that the development processes that help ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. App testing skills? Even with consulting and planning, the application may need fine-tuning. Immediate releases allow you to test the app so that user interfaces and data flows that can be needed. There is no other company can match the same feet. HTS, therefore, provides the best software solutions to other companies and make it the best by all means.

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Bulk SMS Service Provider in India The dimension of marketing keeps evolving and the latest trend of the market focus on different aspects of promotion. To get the maximum output, marketing experts are combining traditional and modern promotion methods for a better result. Bulk SMS is one of the best and cost-effective ways to send SMS (short message service) from the web to mobile numbers. Bulk SMS Service Provider in India offers innovative solutions to send group messages, Alerts, Promotional and Transactional messages, etc to all types of client’s ranging from small business owners to MNC’s and government organizations. With just one single click you can send more than 1 lacs messages to people at affordable prices. Connect with any registered and authentic Telemarketer in India that has a strong network of multiple providers to offer the best bulk SMS service in India at completely affordable cost. By using their promotional Bulk SMS services small and mid-sized business owners can expand their scale of operations and build their telemarketing can also design customized Bulk SMS campaign in accordance with the client’s business needs and time slot. Their Transactional services allow you to send informative and alert messages to the registered users and through their secured HTTP API, bulk short messages in India, website administrators can send SMS to their consumers. OTP SMS or One Time Password has become very important for online transactions and safe banking activities. This password is valid for only one login session on your digital gadgets and this 2-factor authentication is eliminating traditional static password authentication shortcomings. OTP implementation works on the access to something which a person has (like particular mobile, smart-card, and fob gadget with the inbuilt OTP calculator) or which a person knows (like PIN). In addition to an online transaction, this can be required for mobile number verification, user validation, security tokens, proprietary tokens, Two-factor authentication (2FA), and time based-OTP. The main reason behind the popularity of the SMS marketing service is that users can send more than 1 lac short messages at once at the lowest cost to promote their brands, products, and services on a large scale. Find an agency that offers marketing solutions where you can send a message along with your brand name without any legal issues associated with NDNC Registry since SMS INDIA HUB offers the services with NDNC filter. You can avail such services with unlimited validity by buying large quantities of messages at the lowest price. In addition to instant delivery, bulk SMS in India offers a number of advantages such as flexible platform, instant opt-in and opt-out facility, high open rate, high conversion rate, short messages, targeted promotions, eco-friendly, reliability, and limitless market potential. These advantages clearly point out why people prefer such promotional services in a country like India over any other form of communication. For small business houses, outdoor advertising or television advertising can turn out very expensive, whereas spam free SMS marketing solutions offer higher ROI for low costs.

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This is the most frequent question for the developers as they are aiming for the best and prominent PHP framework that can make their work easy and through which they can build up some complex applications. The concept of the framework can guide the web developers to make aware about the PHP framework which can be effective in PHP development. As of now, we have three PHP frameworks which are in the competition to make the best application in the industry. We will throw some light on the pros and cons of every PHP framework to know which one is the better. Templating system In this regard, all the PHP development frameworks use the templating system but what makes a small difference is that Yii doesn’t possess the predefined templating system as remaining PHP framework do. Symphony uses Twig templating system which makes code easy and clean. Laravel uses blade templating system as all the files get automatically converted into raw PHP throughout processing. Yii doesn’t rely on the third party to get the templating system as it all depends on the developers how they build the templating system. Installation process There are some restrictions or freedom while installing the three frameworks. In this case, Symfony composer plays an imperative role as it has the best handling of the components. Whereas Yii offers you a fundamental template and a website page after the complete installation. Symfony 2 provides a demo app. But the thing is that Laravel has the easiest installation that can save your time and energy. Framework selection We already know that Symfony is a better example of a modular framework. It gives us a benefit of using 30 components together in a specified project in an ease manner. Yii supports the MVC framework, but Symfony doesn’t support the MVC framework.  Symfony can be employed for various complex projects where we want to complete the project in minimal time. Even Yii shows some modular approach, but it is not that much effective for reducing the complexity so at last Symfony is the best option for the successive PHP development. It is a modular framework chosen over other frameworks. Performance Yii is the best PHP framework which is used for creating applications that can give better performance. The performance of any of the PHP framework depends upon the utilization of the internet network. Real-time events are the main elements that use the maximum of the data. So far Yii is the better PHP framework which is used to develop the high-performance application. It is the fastest PHP development framework. Conversely, Laravel doesn’t show the fastest PHP feature. Development pattern Every developer wants to bring their application in the market as soon as possible. For this, they need to be acquainted with the superior level of each framework. If you are a beginner, then Laravel is the suitable framework for you as it has a clean and clear curve language that is user-friendly. Though Laravel is the speedily growing PHP framework, Yii is the best among others as it takes the performance of the web application to the next level and offers code scaffolding for great programming and application development. So, these are some of the ways through which you can choose your suitable PHP framework and work upon it. If you wish to create a web application or develop the existing web application through PHP development, then you can figure out the best framework as per your requirement. All PHP frameworks are best in their field.

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Laravel is an open source framework of PHP which follows Model View Control (MVC) model. This framework is used to by the developers to provide the website with components, design, and tools. Simply, Laravel is used to make advanced and high-quality web applications in a faster way. In today’s world, the complexity involved in designing an advanced web application is very high, and many web developers have found a unique way to solve this complexity via Laravel framework. Laravel framework has helped the developers in creating one of the most versatile and stable web applications. The main reason of using Laravel framework is that it increases the secure and fast developmental possibilities and it is based on practical application structure. Here are the benefits of using PHP with Laravel to create advanced applications. Modular and Extendible Framework: Due to its modular and extendible framework, the Laravel framework makes sure that the web application you build is highly responsive in the most time-efficient way possible. This is due to the fact that the Laravel framework consists of 20 different libraries which are separated into different modules and on the other hand, the Laravel framework allows the developer to include more than 5500 packages for developing advanced web applications. The extendible framework allows the developer to add customized packages to the library. Model View Control architecture for organizing code: The Model View Control architecture of the Laravel framework promises the web application to be high in performance. On the other hand, it gives an upper hand to the web developer to write legible and clean codes. It increases the performance of the web application developed and handles particular development aspects of the application built. It uses lightweight templates: The Laravel framework is comprised of lightweight templates, and these lightweight templates allow the Laravel developers to develop a flexible and efficient web application which can withstand every complexity involved in developing an advanced web application. Moreover, the lightweight templates sport a collection of widgets which are structured with customized JS and CSS codes. With the like of dynamic content seeding, the Laravel framework allows creating some of the best layout designs. Lean Development Services: The best feature of the Laravel framework is that it provides the developers with lean development services. It uses a micro-framework called Lumen which focuses on the application’s lean development services. It is similar to the Laravel framework and works on the same principle as the Laravel. The micro-framework allows the developers to create micro-projects with ease and without consuming so much of the developer’s time. This micro-framework requires only a minimal configuration, and you can transfer Laravel’s entire framework with simple copy-paste. Unit testing: This is probably the best feature of the Laravel framework used in PHP as it makes sure that no new changes made will create an issue in the entire framework of the application. It acts flexibly and adapts to the changes made to the application and never issues any of the time consuming numerous tests.

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Ruby on Rails or RoR is an open source software which offers the programmer with an optimized and conventional way of configuration. It is different from other web application development frameworks in many ways. Ruby is an object-oriented, dynamic and general-purpose programming language which follows the influence of Smalltalk language by providing instance variables and methods to all of its types. On the other hand, Rails is a software code added to the Ruby programming language for building high-end web applications. Rails is basically a software library installed in the operating system using the command-line interface. Moreover, RoR is one of the most talked about web application development framework since the invention of the internet and most of the web development these days take place under Ruby on Rails framework.   Laitkor is a software consulting company who provides with a full spectrum of ASP.Net, PHP, Azure and Ruby on Rails development services.   We use lightweight Templates to provide lean development services:   Ruby on Rails has become popular these days as the deployment and maintenance of web applications is a much easier job because of the fact that the web applications are only required to be updated or deployed to the main server instead of on hundreds of computers. We can provide you with all the services and solutions regarding web development. As a matter of fact, the web applications are written using a multitude of programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for the presentation and ASP.NET or Java for the logic. Ruby on Rails eases the complexity of developing the web applications. Our expert developers are well experienced in writing unmaintainable codes for the web application. Our developers know that it is necessary to control and understand multiple language environments in order to automate testing. To overcome this situation, our developers use Ruby on Rails promising to develop the advanced productive and error-proof web applications.   We Use Model View Control architecture for creating a modular framework:   Ruby on Rails is an open source framework which is comprised of multiple levels to build web applications. It is probably faster than other programming languages and frameworks, and our developing unit is well aware of the fact that it follows the same coding and structure making it easy for us to switch between the projects and therefore increasing the productivity and efficiency. Ruby on Rails is a new technology in use, and not many of us are known to its operations but, the applications developed under it are very promising, and everybody is turning towards it. But the thing is that every developer does not truly know about the functions of Ruby on Rails and doesn’t know the limitations of the language. The developers at Laitkor know everything about the Ruby on Rails framework and how to work with reduced time post the development quality analysis. With the knowledge we possess of Ruby and Rails, we can build a very own plug and play applications for you. We can add extensions to your web applications and fix bugs without affecting the codes as well.

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which is used to develop web applications, frequently single page applications (SPA). It can be asubstitute for knockoutJS or Ember JS but not for .Net. This is because .Net framework has bulky class library. You can see the structures supported by .Net. AngularJS can be used in ASP.Net web applications. So there is not going to be any vivid comparison between angularJS and .Net, and it is not going to replace .Net. AngularJS for .Net developers Angular is a fantastic framework for web app development and gets easily integrated with ASP.Net MVC. Moreover it is backed by Google & has a dedicated team which makes it more reliable than the other JavaScript frameworks and hence is trusted by the software development community all over the world. Single page Applications- To advanceSPA’s, JavaScript frameworks are essential and angular’shumdrum is pretty easy to acquire and implement. Angular 2 is fetching more popularity among .Net developers because of TypeScript. Mainstream of .Net developers can write TypeScript because it is alike to C#. By similar it means that the TypeScriptholds many first class programming language features such as classes, interfaces and types which C# developers discovercool to relate with. There are a lot of syntactical resemblances that makes a C# developer extremely comfortable when he starts exploring TypeScript for the first time. Organizations are adopting Angular due to the same reason. They can port their existing teams with some investment on upgrading their skills on the newer ecosystem. AngularJS is the best Hybrid Framework to develop Mobile Applications for your business. Angularjs is the best option among hybrid frameworks for mobile app development. It has a strong community backing & best usage of Directives while compared to other frameworks. Also, its testing process is very simple. The main features of Angularjs that attracts .Net developers are: Sustain easily Very fast web development due to the MVC structure Addiction Injection Sturdy Community Backing The ever-resilient MVC Architecture Code Style – Declarative Best practice of Directives Angularjs is open sourced under MIT license. The library is called Angular because HTML uses angular-shaped brackets. It is not a DOM manipulation library like jQuery, but it uses a subset ofjQuery called jQLite. It is primarily based on declarative HTML attributes that you can add to your HTML tags. If you are using Visual Studio as an IDE for developing your app in angularJS, intelligence support for AngularJS help you a lot to develop your application. It enables massively parallel development. Designers who aren’t essentially programmers can acquire markup far calmerthan they can perform programming. For testing, it allows you to split your app into reasonable modules that can have dependencies on each other but are primed separately. .Net developers are getting more benefit by using AngularJS. You can consult a reputed company that aims to deliver quality web based solution to the clients. The services includes: Integrated angular JS development, Mobile application development with Angular, shopping card apps, maintenance and support for Angular JS, etc. Kindly contact us for any related more services to discuss with us on

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Graphic design Malta is a professionally occupied business whose designing, program, and visual communication is the process of creating, which is usually manufactured by industrial means and is specific to deliver special messages for specific purposes. This is the activity that communicates and modifies processed ideas, facts and values in forms and communications, social, cultural, economic, aesthetically and technically, graphically. Visual communication is also known as design, because some words indicate only the printing industry, and they believe that the visual messages are transmitted by many media, not just the print.   In view of large and rapid development in information exchange, demand for graphic designers is already greater, especially due to the development of new technologies and the need to focus on the factors of those humans, Engineers are out of qualification.   Graphics design is widely used in some classes: advertising design, editorial design, corporate identity design, web design, packing design, typographic design, site design, multimedia design, etc.   Graphic Design History   The definition of graphic design profession is more recently than in what has been done about their preparations, their activities, and goals. Although there is no consensus on the exact date of the graphic design, although some dating during the interwar period. Others think that the beginning of the last century is about to begin   Perraolithic cave paintings and written language were born in BC Was But the differences in the requirement of working methods and training in the progressive science is that the identity of the current graphic designer is clearly not possible with the pilot, in which Zeilogrift is the fifteenth century or 188 Vlastporter 1890.   Opinion of the opinion shows the fact that some graphic designs and other graphical exhibition products are produced as a result of the use of the industrial production model, those visual appearances that have been "estimated" Different types: Productive Symbols Erogonomic Contextual etc.   One page of the Kailus book: Folio 114, is included in the tinic bits in the decorated text. An example of the art and page layouts of the Middle Ages.   The book of Kell - A Bible has written that the ninth century CE The Irish monks were very satisfied - for some of the most beautiful and startling examples of some graphic design concepts. It is a graphic demonstration of great artistic value, high quality, and also a model to learn to design - is even better in the quality of current editorial products, and from a contemporary perspective, it answers the graphic piece for all needs. A team of people who made it, although others believe that it will be a graphic design product because they think that their disks The genes are not in accordance with the current graphic design project.   Through the history of typography - and communicated, the history of the book is also closely related to graphic design, this can be because it does not have any graphical designs that do not include such things. Therefore, while writing about the history of graphic design, typography has been published in the Trajan Columns, Medieval Münchner, Johannes Gutenberg's Print Press, Book Industry Development, Poster's Arts Movement and Crafts (Art and Craft), William Morris, Bauhaus, etc. " For graphic design services  

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