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  • “Major importance behind the website” powered by DoDigital

    January 25, 2018 No Comment

    “Major importance behind the website” powered by DoDigital What is the Website: A Web site is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that include an initial file called the home page. A business or individual informs you how to get to your website by giving you the address of your homepage. On […]

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  • Why should you get certified in AWS?

    January 22, 2018 No Comment

    Amazon Web Services or AWS is a comprehensive and evolving cloud platform. It is a service offering from one of the biggest IT players, Amazon.  These web services are also referred to as cloud services or remote computing services. The first of these offerings were offered in 2006. These services then dealt with providing online services for […]

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  • Search for the Right College Where you Wanted to Study

    January 22, 2018 No Comment

    Pupils look for the best institutes to extend their specialization after completing the formal study. But getting information of the institutes is really a tough work. Although internet is the platform from where you will get information of the institutes and the curriculum followed there but many times all the data are not presented. As […]

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  • A Sneak-Peak into Cyber Security Careers

    October 24, 2017 No Comment

    Nine out of ten companies in the US reported being hacked at least once last year. As these crimes keep growing, the demand for cyber security certifications has also increased considerably. Irrespective of the fact, that how big a name you are, companies like Yahoo, J.P. Morgan Chase and Home Depot have all faced intrusion […]

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