Tips to Plan your Diet and Workouts

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Being fit and acquiring that perfect figure is a dream that every girl harbors, but it is oh! So hard. Food equates life, how do you give up on that? A lot of people are under that misconception that losing weight requires you to starve, but like aforementioned that is just a misconception.

Being fit doesn’t mean being skinny, it means being healthy and happy in your own skin. The fetish for the perfect figure starts early, right from high school. We start by trying different diets, sometimes under peer pressure and sometimes to fit in, this, in turn, harms our bodies. One does not need to starve to lose weight, one needs to eat smart. The only ground rule while following a diet is that you go all the way.

Before you plan a diet, you need to understand your body, you need to assess how fit you are, your metabolism rate etc, Accordingly, you decide how much weight you want to lose. In this stage, you must be very careful and set realistic goals. For example, 2-3 kilograms per month is fine. The next step is to write down your diet. Here you must first make a list of the food that you must not eat. Make sure you put sugar, butter and refined flour in this list as these are the devils and mainly comprise junk food. Eat everything else in moderation. You must make sure that you have a sumptuous breakfast as it the most important meal of the day, a moderate lunch and a light and early dinner. Also, include five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

The next step is to plan your workout. Now, following the same routine every day can seem mundane so allot different days to different workouts, for instance, yoga on Monday, cardio on Tuesday etc. You can also do a little of everything in one session. While pushing yourself make sure you do not over-do anything.

These are the basic guidelines to be kept in mind while planning a diet, but it has to personalized to suit each one’s body. Gaining weight does not happen overnight, nor does weight loss, give it time and effort. Above all, remember, your body is your temple and it will reflect how you treat it.

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  1. We need to be healthy and fit. Thanks for your tips.

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